Tasha Smith Actors Workshop – Benefits

Hip, empowering, culturally rich, and spiritually motivating - TSAW will teach the artist how to use all human flaws, and every area of the soul to create relatable characters in order to achieve mastery in this powerful art form.

TSAW will...

  • Feature Tasha’s detailed and demonstrative critique of scene work.
  • Help each participant discover their innate artistic potential.
  • Equip each participant with the keys to effective rehearsals.
  • Identify “acting blocks” and habits inhibiting growth, imagination, and free expression.
  • Intensify character development, facilitate technical polish, and enable brilliant interplay.
  • Transform participants into well-tuned and spiritually-centered performer.

TSAW lesson plans include...

  • Instrumental, emotional and improvisational exercises.
  • How to locate “substitutional” choices and circumstances.
  • Building a character.
  • Portraying human emotions such as fear, anger, grief, joy, jealousy, rejection, insecurity etc. to accomplish your dramatic need.