Tasha Smith Actors Workshop - Los Angeles Classes

Well-versed in contemporary film and play materials, Tasha assigns scenes compatible with each student’s stage of development. Assignments are “reality-based,” balancing breakthrough casting possibilities with casting probabilities, as the industry exists today. Each individual’s work is honored in a supportive, yet challenging environment, based on mutual respect. TSAW maintains a roster of serious students sharing the journey to achieve their “personal best.” This workshop secures a professional safety zone where the unique gifts of every class member are finely honed and joyfully celebrated.

As a TSAW student

  • Learn to access your emotional life (fears, anger, grief, joy, jealousy, rejection, insecurities, etc.) to accomplish scene objectives.
  • Learn how to make your objectives drive the scene.
  • Learn to relax, listen and enjoy the creative process of becoming a great actor
  • Learn a sure-fire technique to break down your scenes.
  • Become empowered to have confident and creative auditions.
  • Find strong personal substitutions that work for you.

Private Coaching
Private coaching is available by appointment only.

Private On-Site Boot Camp Classes
TSAW will travel to your school, church or community to conduct an acting “boot camp” by appointment only. Classes are tailored made and developed based on your organization’s theatrical needs. Learn more about this unique opportunity...

Types of Classes Offered:

Introductory/Beginner Level
For beginning or emerging performers looking to learn the craft, strategy and techniques to acting.

Scene Study for Beginner/Intermediate
Cold Reading, on Camera Prep Work, Emotional Prep, Character Development, and Instrumental Exercises 

Advance/Master Level
For actors with previous acting experience looking to fine-tune their skills for motion picture, television, commercials, radio and/or theater.