TSAW Family

Kiki Haynes

"Tasha has a gift for teaching. TSAW taught me how to turn some of my most painful moments into some of my best work."

Lance Gross

‘Tasha has the ability to bring out performances and confidence that make you comfortable stepping on that stage.”

Gabrielle Dennis

"Tasha is such an AMAZING acting coach, you will be forever effected by her class as I am today. Thanks Tasha!"

Lauren London

" Tasha has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and, dig deeper. The process makes you grateful for all of the things you've been through in life because you can use it in your craft and be great"

Amin Joseph

“Tasha Smith has the unique ability of being an "Actor Whisperer". Audiences watch in awe as Tasha pulls the soul experiences that make each performer find their unique voice amongst the noise, and the fear.